• Scott Miller

Copywriting as creation, simplified

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Copywriting is exactly what it sounds like: writing copy. But it’s also way more. It’s knowing your audience. Your goals. Your message. Your voice.

I’ve written marketing copy for websites, feature-style stories for print magazines, and even full-length novels. A few of my specific areas of expertise include:

  • Fiction and creative nonfiction.

  • Journalism, from feature-style stories to inverted pyramid.

  • Marketing, including slogans, blog posts, web copy, and more.

  • Internal communications such as newsletters and email campaigns.

  • Ghostwriting and adaptation.

Real-World Example:

While preparing to write a pair of stories on the maker movement for Undercover Arts Magazine, I jotted down a pair of quick outlines and reviewed previous issues to get a feel for the publication’s voice.

Then I went to maker spaces and interviewed experts. Being in the place where the story is happening is the best way to get the sensory details that make copy come alive in the minds of readers.

After all that, I sat down to write, using my outline to adjust and flesh out the story's big ideas. In the end, this process produced a story the magazine’s managing editor called her favorite of the issue.